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VNoiseGate PlugIn for Cubase VST

VNoiseGate screenshot
Click on the image to download VNoiseGate (Win95).
Click here to get the Mac version.

Current release: 1 [2.April.1998]

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Threshold: (dB) Signal level below which the signal is gated.
Hold time: (ms) The full signal is allowed through unaffected for the hold time. The hold time takes place after the attack time (and thus after the triggering signal level). If the signal exceeds the threshold during the hold time, the hold time is restarted.
Attack time: (ms) Time taken to ramp the signal up from silence to full strength. This happens when the input signal exceeds the threshold.
Decay time: (ms) Time taken to ramp the full strength signal to silence, post-hold time. If the threshold is exceeded during the decay period, the attack-hold-decay cycle is restarted.
Chan mode: (Linked, Indep., Cross) Linked - the highest signal level from either the left or right channel is used to control the gate. Indep. - the left and right channels are gated independantly. Cross - left channel gates the right signal, and vice versa.

Author: SKoT