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VFlanger PlugIn for Cubase VST

VFlanger screenshot
Click on the image to download VFlanger (Win95).
Click HERE to get the Mac version.

Current release: 3 (Feb 16 2001) [Win: release 3][Mac: release 2]

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Rate: (0 - 4 Hz) Flanger sweep rate
Min: ("44100" - Max Hz) Highest frequency swept to (minimum phase difference)
Max: ("44100" - 171.6 Hz) Lowest frequency swept to (maximum phase difference)
Swap Chan: (On / Off) Swaps the L/R of the phase altered signal (kinda chorusy)
L/R Phase: (0 - 180 degrees) phase difference of the left and right sweep.
Feedback: (0 - 100 percent) "flanger position" enhancing feedback.

Author: SKoT

Mac Port: Brent Truex