Dr Vellocet's Electrostolic Velocipede...

Ever dreaming and realizing new wonderous devices to empower this Age of Empirical Reason, Dr V. contraptionated up his first Horseless Horse: the Electrostolic Velocipede. Sadly, due to the frequency of manure eminating from Horsed Horses and Carriages, using the Velocipede at night became a chancesome game of "wiggly-piggily", darting between almost-too-hastily spied Methane Dangers and broken cobbles.

Now with The Elegant Embrightener (patent pending)!

Tootling about on one's horseless personal transport can now be performed even during the Hours Of Darkness, thanks to the ever-ingenious Doctor! Dr Vellocet's patented Elegant Embrighter brings a remarkable 3 candles illuminative power to your geographical proceedings, as well as a touch of superior dining table class in best Sheffield electro-plated silverware.

Q: How does The Elegant Embrightener attach to my Horseless Horse?

With string, of course.

Q: Wouldn't the The Elegant Embrightener work better attached to the front of the Horseless Horse?

Um... er... possibly...

Q: Are there any special instructions?

On extremely fast modes of transport such as the Velocipede, one's lungs are apt to have the very oxygen ripped out of them if one dares venture above lunatic speeds such as a dozen miles per hour. Similarly, the Elegant Embrightener make use of candle flame, which is susceptible to high velocity Phlogiston-starvation.

This shouldn't present a problem during normal operation, as only a foolhardy scofflaw would travel faster that his Red Warning Flag manservant could walk whilst offering his master refreshing tea cake.