Dr Vellocet presents: The Polyplasmic Arcophone

Doctor Vellocet and other esteemed members of the Royal Society For The Misuse of Higher Voltages are proud to present their latest creation, the POLYPLASMIC ARCOPHONE.

Q: What on god's Earth is that Infernal Contraption?!

Ah, good fellow / my dear lady, it is well that you ask, and a good question!

Q: ...?!

The ARCOPHONE is a musical device completely novel to science and the arts, which uses high voltage arc gaps to create ribbons of plasma, the Fourth State of Matter! By using a Difference Engine to bring Order the spark timing oscillator gizmo, the physics-bending unholy terror of High Voltage Electricity can be tamed like some Exotic Savage brought into the Civillized Light of Empirial Law!!

And thus perform light ditties from the music-hall for the amusement of all gentlefolk.

Q: The Arcophone: It is safe?

Good lord, no. That's what makes it so jolly exciting.

Q: How does one control it?

With a MIDI keyboard or Sequencing Software, a little trepidation, and a constant body-position-awareness of how close you are to the plasma arcs.

Q: Who is the Silvery Bird with the Glowing Eyes?

That is Her High Voltageness, Electra, our Muse. The Arcophone could be considered her temple, if we were superstitious heathens like those in the colonies, ho ho ho.

Q: I wish to know more. Where else on the interwebs may I find informational supplements?

An early prototype of the the Arcophone on YouTube can be viewed.

The Arcophone has been mentioned on Make Magazine

The Perth Artifactory has many pages and photos chronicalling its construction.

Gentlemens contributing to the Arcophone:

  • Brett Downing - driver circuit design, soldering
  • Daniel Harmsworth - circuit boards and more soldering
  • Jason Muirhead - media & even more soldering
  • Simon Kirby - yet more soldering and laser-cutting (oo, viva la difference!)
  • SKoT McDonald - software and construction, and, you guessed it, soldering.