Q: Who is Dr Vellocet?

A man from another millenium, who gads about elegantly attired deploying the Wonders Of Science for the amusement and moral betterment of the citizenry. And nothing improves one's morals like a jolt of 30,000 Volts.

Q: What are his credentials?

You can tell he's authentically Old School by just how Web 1.0 Dr V's promotional literature is.

Dr Vellocet has degrees in High Energy Thaumatology, Applied Electrogismics, and the Musicological Applications of Difference Engines.

When not giving overly long lectures upon such diverse topics as Malt Whisky Appreciation or The Rise of Necromanic Energy Due To The Distillation of Sea Waters, this Victorian Renaissance gent enjoys Flanneuring, Posery, Raconteurery, Tap dancing, Shopping for Cuff Links and Buttons, and designing Hats for Gentlefolk of any gender.

Future Appearences of Doctor Vellocet

  • NoizeMaschin!! #2 - August 22nd @ Perth Artifactory (presenting noisescape generation software)
  • The Beaux Arts Ball - August 6th @ Perth Townhall (as Kapitan Velloschett, the well-regarded wing-walking high-voltage tennnis playing barnstormer)
  • The Great Steampunk Affair - July 30th @ Scitech (as Dr Vellocet and his Steam-Powered Ostrich)

Past Appearences of Doctor Vellocet

  • Defectors Bar - July 9th (as Kapitan Velloschett, with Baron Von Scheunenstürmer, Wing-walking Aviators Extraordinaire)
  • Analogue2Digital @ Scitech, 6th March (as Dr Vellocet and his Amazing Arcophone)
  • Perth Fringe Festival Speigeltent Spectacular Variety Show Saturday 26th Feb 2011 (as Dr Vellocet and his Amazing Arcophone)
  • Curtin University O-Day Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011 (as GIANT ROBOT)
  • Edith Cowan University O-Day Thursday 24th Feb 2011 (as GIANT ROBOT)
  • University of Western Australia O-Day Friday 25th Feb 2011 (as GIANT ROBOT)
  • Euchronia New Years Eve 31 Dec 2010
    @ The Substation, Melbourne
  • Beaufort Street Festival (as GIANT ROBOT) (Nov 2010)
  • Fremantle Tweed Run(Nov 2010)
  • Cottesloe Beach CIVIL disobedience tea-enthusiast party (Oct 2010)

Dr Vellocet unveils his latest creation...